problem solver



I am a culture creator, problem solver and down to earth idea generator. With positive energy and an open mind, I love to make people happy. 

I am a natural team builder and creative organizer. For example, in 2015 I organized a very successful Guidion event for more than 500 people with a team of four. The years prior to that I organized culture education summer programs for CISV and made more than 300 children smile.

Currently I study Experience Design at Hyper Island in Amsterdam, where I fully embrace the approach of learning by doing. My goals are to professionally and personally grow, to explore the creative industries and to kick ass in design thinking and understanding people.

In the past 3 years I ran more than 2400 kilometres, scored approximately 40 goals, travelled to more than 16 countries, built 5 teams and took 1208 photos.

If 33% of my job entailed brainstorm sessions, making people happy and being part of a creative team, I couldn't be happier.